Five Handy Tools for Jewelry Making

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In beaded jewelry making, there are sooooo many tools you can use!  Beyond your basic flat nose, round nose, and cutter, you don't really need much more, but these handy tools can be extra helpful when you create!


 1. The 1-Step Looper

1 Step Looper Tool

This tool is super helpful when you need to make simple loops in your jewelry creating.  If I only need to make a couple of loops, I stick with the good old round nose pliers, but if I need to make a bunch, I pull out this tool!  It will make a loop in your pin right next to your beads and then trim the extra pin off.  It feels a little magical when you use it! 

If you're in my Facebook group, you can find a video of me using this tool under the "Guides" section.  I use it in the "Cluster Earrings" tutorial around the 3 minute mark.

The 1-Step Looper comes in three different loop-making sizes, 1.5mm, 2.25mm, and 3.0mm.  I personally like the 1.5mm size the best for linking loops to chain or earrings.  If you like larger sized loops, one of the other two sized pliers would be better for you.

Find all three sizes here!


2. Digital Caliper

If you've ever had a hard time knowing the size of the beads you're using, you need a caliper!  A caliper is a tool that will measure items from one side to the other.  A digital caliper helps you know the measurement without having to count little measurement tick marks (really handy)!

Knowing the size of your beads can be really helpful.  If you're listing your finished jewelry for sale, you can mention the bead sizes in your description.  It's really good for when you're bead shopping!  If you need the same size bead you're already using, or if you need something smaller or larger.  In fact, I often open up my digital caliper to the bead size listed in a description to get a visual sense of the bead size before I buy it.

Find a digital caliper here!


3. Ring Sizer and Ring Mandrel


If you're getting into ring making, a ring sizer and ring mandrel are going to be must-haves!  I love this adjustable ring sizer because it is so much smaller than the traditional set of multiple rings.  Simply slide this sizer on the finger you'd like to make a ring for, then adjust it until it feels like a comfortable size.  Easy!

Once you're found your ring size, use one of these ring mandrels as the base to create your ring!  This one that I use for wire-wrapped rings is great because it has a groove down the whole length of the mandrel that makes it easy to wrap wire around the ring band without having to remove the ring from the mandrel.

Find the ring sizer here and the ring mandrel here!


4. EZ Knotting Tool

Do you find it difficult to knot pearls on silk cord with a simple knotting awl?  If so, check out the EZ Knotting Tool!  This handy tool helps you guide each knot to the position you choose.  While I'm not personally as familiar with using this tool, I know many beads who swear by it!  The tool comes with instructions that include diagrams to help lead you to success!

Check it out here!


5.  Tronex Cutter

Tronex Cutters

If you were to upgrade and invest in any tool, I would recommend upgrading your cutter.  My cutters are one tool that I have in multiple versions.  My tronex cutter is my absolute favorite!  Now, these are kind of like your sewing scissors, they are not to used to cut everything!!  These specific tronex cutters are excellent for fine threads and fibers.  I use them when I need to trim materials other than wire.  They truly are superb cutters for fibers.  Use them for cutting leather cord, silk cord, s-lon, nymo, satin cord, cotton cord, waxed linen, or any other soft material!  

I have occasionally used them when I need to get a really precise cut on my SoftFlex, but definitely DO NOT use them on any hard wires.  And really, even if they were used consistently on SoftFlex, that would wear them down.

Get your upgraded cutter here!


These are just five handy tools that I recommend.  There are so many out there!  What is your favorite handy tool that has made jewelry making easier for you??


Keep Beading!

Jessie ❤️

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