Q: Where do you ship?

A: Currently, I am set up to ship in the United States.  However, if you live somewhere else in the world, please contact me for a shipping price, and I can get your items shipped to you.


Q: How do I take care of my jewelry?

A: All my pieces are made for normal wear.  That means please store your unworn jewelry nicely (most pieces will store great in a plastic zipper bag), and do not sleep or swim in it.  Please also avoid your jewelry coming in contact with perfumes and lotions.  All items wear differently over time depending on things like your climate and skin chemistry.


Q: Do you make everything yourself?

A: Yes, I do!


Q: How do you come up with your design ideas?

A: For me, it has been mostly practice.  I started making jewelry 20 years ago, and I have definitely seen my style change and improve.  A lot of my inspiration come from my beads, I am always laying them out in different color combinations and patterns.


Q: Can I buy something made in another color?

A: Sometimes.  Please contact me to discuss color options, I am always happy to try and make something work for you!


Q: Do you custom make pieces?

A: Yes!  I love working with people to help their visions become a reality!


Q: How do I order a custom piece?

A: Just send me a message (on Facebook, through email (info@jessieraestudio.com), or the “contact us” form on my website) with a basic idea you have.  I will then ask the questions I need to know to complete your piece.  If needed, I will send pictures with color and arrangement options.


Q: What kind of metals do you use?

  • Sterling Silver – Metal that contains at least 92.5% silver. Sterling silver will tarnish, but it can be polished back to a bright silver color
  • Gold Filled – Gold filled items have a brass core, then they are heavily plated with 14K gold. The plating is much thicker than traditional plating and considered to be permanent.  Using gold filled materials are a great way to have high quality gold without the price tag of solid gold.
  • Silver Filled – Similar to gold filled, silver filled also has a brass core, then is heavily plated with sterling silver. The plating is much thicker than traditional plated and considered to be permanent.  Using silver filled is one way to have the benefits of sterling silver without the higher price tag.
  • High Quality Plated Metals – The plated metals I use have a hypoallergenic brass core, then are electroplated. They are nickel free and lead safe.  These can tarnish but cannot always be polished back to their original color.
  • TierraCast – Products made by TierraCast are lead and nickel free pewter, then plated with silver or gold.



Q: What kind of pearls do you use?

A: I mostly use either freshwater pearls or high-quality manmade glass pearls.  Freshwater pearls are formed in oysters living in freshwater.