Prime Day is Here!

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If you are excited about Amazon's Prime Day, here are some of my finds for jewelry making!

Please note that some of these deal are time-sensitive and may no longer be available at the time of reading.


Plastic Storage Boxes


Great for organizing and storing loose beads.  Find these here for 50% off!


Small Storage Boxes

These are another great option for bead storage.  I love that these little boxes nestle perfectly within another larger box.  Find these in a two-pack here for 20% off!


Ear Wires

Silver Plated Ear Wires

Whereas I cannot attest to the quality of these since I've never personally ordered these, this could be a great deal on a ton of ear wires!  They are here for 20% off!


Jute Cord

Jute Cord

If you want to do macrame, here is a deal to get you the jute cord you need!  35% off this cord for Prime Day!


Work Surface

Silicon Mat

These are advertised for painting, however, I can see this as an excellent work surface for beading.  I love the integrated compartments that would easily hold the beads you're working with so they don't roll all over the table!  If you'd like to check out this two-pack at 20% off, find it here!


Snowflake Charms

Snowflake Charm Set

If you're getting a head start on holiday jewelry, this snowflake charm set might be for you!  It has 40 pieces and is 30% off!


Polymer Clay Beads

Polymer Clay Round Beads

These polymer clay beads are great for adding a pop of bright color to your designs!  There are 120 pieces and 30% off!


Clay Cutters

Polymer Clay Cutters

If you're into making your own charms out of clay, these cutters would be a great addition!  This set has many shapes and sizes, and they could be used for polymer clay or metal clay!  For Prime Day, the set is 30% off!


Bracelet Helper

Bracelet Helper

Bracelets can be so difficult to put on yourself!  However, this handy gadget can make the task much easier!  This three-pack is 35% off!


Evil Eye Beads

Evil Eye Beads

These resin evil eye beads come in 15 different colors!  These will be lightweight and fun to use.  They are 50% off, and you can find them here!


Child's Bead Kit

Child's Bead Kit

This is one of many bead kits available during Prime Day this year.  I would not recommend for an adult, however, kits like this are great for kids who want to work along side you!  (And then you don't need to share your fancy beads!)  I have a similar style for my daughter, and she has so much fun beading "with" me!  Find this one here for 20% off!


These are some of the deals that I felt good about sharing.  There are some deals for other beads and findings.  However, since I have not personally ordered these, I do not feel okay about recommending them without knowing the quality of the items you may receive.


Happy Shopping!

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